BISSELL Powerfresh Slim Steam Mop

There’s a countless number of floor-cleaning tools you can use to keep your floorboards and tiles absolutely glistening. Steam cleaners are arguably one of the best tools since, using the magnificent power of steam, they’re much more adept at dissolving caked-on messes rather than spreading them around.

Bissell 2075A

Bacteria and other microscopic organisms stand no chance against the unbearable heat of steam.

Bissell is one of the most well-known brands of floor-cleaning tools. Their 2075A PowerFresh Slim Steam Cleaner is one of the best steam mops available; its lightweight build, attractive design, and supreme floor-cleaning performance is unparalleled by most other steam mops.

Take a look at this review to see just how close to perfection the 2075A PowerFresh steam mop is.

Cleaning Performance

If there’s one thing you need to know about Bissell, it’s their tools’ awesome cleaning abilities, and the 2075A PowerFresh is a testament to this fact. Immediately upon opening the box, you’ll notice a sizable water tank, onboard heater, and a wide selection of cleaning tools. Putting the tool together is as simple as it is operating it.

Bissell 2075A

The 2075A uses a trigger that delivers steam on demand, saving water in the process of cleaning by ensuring you use only as much steam as you need.

The main cleaning attachment is a washable microfiber pad that snatches and retains dust and debris in its soft fibers. Your floors will almost immediately become dry to prevent fallen particles from clinging onto your floors after a quick wipe.

The microfiber pads are made to clean bare floors and sealed hard floors without leaving a mark or causing moisture damage, but this tool is so much more than that.

The numerous cleaning attachments allow you to use the 2075A on almost any surface at home (more on this in a later point).

Fast Onboard Water Heater

Because the 2075A uses steam rather than heated water, it needs an onboard heater to bring water up to beyond boiling temperature (212°F). The 2075A has got this covered. In just 30 seconds, the onboard heater can bring 11.8 fluid ounces of water to temperature.

Bissell 2075A

However, you don’t get that much steam out of the 30-second wait; at most, holding the trigger will release about 20 seconds of steam before the boiler needs to reheat the tank.

This is the only drawback of on-demand steam delivery compared to continuous steam, but it also gives you full-control over how much or how little steam to introduce to a dirty spot on your floor without going overboard.

In my opinion, the amount of water you save is worth the inconvenience of waiting.

Multi-Surface Cleaning Tools

The 2075A comes with not one, not two, but eight different cleaning tools. The tools you’ll most likely use on a regular basis are the angle concentrator tool, the flat scraper tool, and the bristle brush.

Bissell 2075A

These tools will cover more than 60{eb117be82c0d6a7ff8e4d99049ee9529abade92cce51a0f06fbccc2900f92137} of the above-ground surfaces you’d ever need to steam-clean.

The remaining are specialty tools—a tile grout brush, a clothes steamer tool, a flat surface tool, a detail brush, and a flat surface tool.

To make things even sweeter, the 2075A has a built-in compartment beneath the handle where all of the tools fit snugly. You’ll never lose one of the cleaning tools ever!

Convertible from Stick to Handheld

Not only does the 2075A let you steam-clean floors effortlessly, but it can also convert into a spot-cleaning handheld unit by detaching the long shaft.

From there, all you need to do is connect one of the numerous cleaning tools at your disposal and you’ve got a handy, easy-to-use steam cleaning machine.

Switching from stick to handheld mode will allow you better control at poking any of the cleaning tools in tight spots. It’ll also improve your aim as you blast away mildew and other gross stains off of wall tiles by working up-close.

Bissell 2075A

25-foot Power Cord

It’s important to note that the 7025A is not a cordless model. It draws power from a wall outlet using a super-long 25-foot power cord. The length allows for better maneuverability and a wider range of movement from each outlet.

That way, you can clean more without the inconvenience of moving between sockets and extending water-heating times.

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