Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo Rechargeable Carpet Sweeper

The Bissell 28806 Perfect Sweep Turbo is a rechargeable sweeper that promises to give you up to 60 minutes of easy and quick cleaning time. It’s cordless, lightweight, and can pick up different types of dirt, pet hair, crumbs, and even lego pieces on all types of floor surfaces. Should you get one? Here, we’re giving you our consumer report about the product.

What You Should Know About the Perfect Sweep Turbo

As a rechargeable sweeper, the Bissell 28806 uses a nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) battery pack. The battery, when fully charged, contains 7.2 volts of power, and it should give you up to 60 minutes of cleaning time. Before using the Perfect Sweep Turbo for the first time, instructions say you’ll have to charge the battery for at least 16 hours without interruption.

While the Perfect Sweep Turbo is designed to get into different spots and areas of the house, you might need to convert this sweeper into a handheld device to get into smaller areas. This sweeper’s detachable handle feature can be used by simply depressing a clip button and then pulling out the entire handle.

Bissell 28806 vs Bissell 2880A: What’s the Difference?

The Perfect Sweep Turbo is available in 2 versions – an older model (or the Bissell 2880A) and a newer version (or the 28806). What’s the difference between the two? Here’s the most noticeable.

The older version is a “3-brush system,” the newer model isn’t. Meaning, there are a total of 3 brush rolls that pick up dirt as you go – a long one, and two smaller edge brushes located at the two corners in front. In theory, these edge brushes should pick up dirt on edges and corners easily. The newer version doesn’t have these two edge brushes.

Also, there’s a difference in weight. The Bissell 2880A is heavier at 6.3 pounds, and the 28806 weighs 4 pounds.

What Consumers Say About Their Perfect Sweep Turbo

First, let’s say something the Bissell 28806 Perfect Sweep Turbo‘s performance. How well does it pick up dirt? The general consensus is that it cleans up well. There are several reported quality issues (e.g., doesn’t hold a charge, damaged part), but when this floor sweeper works, it delivers its promises. It’s not a perfect cleaning tool and it can’t be compared with a vacuum cleaner, but as a floor sweeper it can be reliable when it comes to quick and quiet cleanups. It can pick up dust, cat hair, lint, hair, and even your kids’ toys.

It’s also worth noting that based on feedback, it appears that quite a number of buyers don’t expect much from this floor sweeper at the start, but when they try it, they’re surprised at how well it does the job.

Does it require assembly? Yup, it does. When you receive your package, you’ll have to put together the handle and connect it to the main unit. Assembly requires screwing together pieces of metal extensions to form the floor sweeper’s handle.

Other positive comments about this floor sweeper include the following: lightweight, easy to store, and easy to use.

As previously mentioned, if you’re looking for a sweeper that swivels, this product doesn’t.

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